How TGODdesigns Works

Step 1: Placing Your Order

The process all starts with you. When you visit the TGODdesigns graphic design webstore, you are able to freely choose from a vast variety of available intro, outro, banner, profile picture, thumbnail & other designs. These designs can be used on YouTube for your own video creations, or for your small or large business. No matter what you are looking for, we try our hardest to offer you a low-cost and highly customizable product.

Once you have found a product on our webstore you like, you are able to fully customize the product using our 'Customize before ordering' feature - exclusive to TGODdesigns. There, you can change all of the product settings prior to your order, and view a Live Preview on select designs. This will give you the opportunity to review your order before purchasing. Once you are ready, you are able to view your order total and proceed to checkout. After proceeding through the PayPal checkout page, you will be redirected back to our webstore, and you will be sent a receipt for your order via email. Your order has been received, and sent off to our private servers for customization and rendering.

Step 2: Autonomous Post-Processing Magic

Once your order is placed on our graphic design webstore, all of your customization details are forwarded to our private servers. There, using specially scripted server-side algorithmic processing, your design customizations are automatically analyzed and systematically applied to the template design of your choice - depending on which product you have ordered - and are prepared to be sent to our render farm. Custom colors are applied, Title text is inscribed and 3D models are constructed.

Step 3: The Render Process

After being customized by our customization node, your order is forwarded to our render-node array. There, all of your order customizations are 'baked' into a portable media file such as'.MP4' or '.PNG'. Because we send you these portable media files, and not project files, you do not need expensive professional-grade design software to use your order. Any video editor or photo editor will be compatible with our design products. Additionally, all of our intro and banner designs are YouTube ready.

In order to process all of your customizations and deliver your product within half-an-hour, many server machines are needed to render your product. One machine has nowhere near the render throughput needed to meet this deadline. Because of this, we have hand-built a specialty render-node array comprised of multiple render-servers to split the rendering load across a series of machines. Together, they effortlessly render your order well within our self-imposed 30 minute deadline.

Step 4: Your Download in the Cloud

Once your order has finished processing on our private render-servers, it is uploaded to a public domain where you can download it at your earliest convenience, and you are sent a direct link via email. Your order will be hosted free of charge on our download servers for a total of 60 days from the date of your purchase. At any time during these 60 days, you will be able to return to this download link and re-download your product. After this time has passed, you will be required to contact our support team (linked at the bottom of each page on our webstore) and request an order reissue for an additional fee. To avoid having to pay this reissue fee, we suggest that you save your download in a safe place on your computer, and make backups of it on sites such as Google Drive, DropBox, Mediafire, etc.

Step 5: Using Your Purchase

That's it! All of your hard waiting is over. Now that you have downloaded your product to a safe location on your computer, you can use it however you like. If you purchased an intro from our intro webstore, you may import it into your video editor of choice, and begin using it in your videos. If you purchased a YouTube banner from the banner webstore, all you need to do is upload it to YouTube by navigating to your channel, signing in, and clicking on: 'Edit Channel Background'. From there simply upload your TGODdesigns YouTube banner.

Have fun using your product from TGODdesigns, and as always, we highly appreciate your business.

All secure payment information will be processed delicately by PayPal using SSL HTTPS Authentication after finishing customization on this form.