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The Big Reboot!

If you're reading this right now, that means that the new site has gone live! It's an exciting time for everyone here at TGODdesigns, and I hope you agree with us! Here's a quick recap of the new site, and what you can expect to see in the coming months:

  • • Redesigned Layout (duh!): The UI of TGODdesigns has changed completely! Along with it, some branding evolution and cool aesthetics! Do you like most of them? Tweet us (@TGODdesigns) and let us know!
  • • Live Previews: It's been long overdue. Now when you go to customize most of our designs, you will see a "Live Preview" panel. This will give you a much better idea of what you are ordering from us before you pay. You will need to have a current version of Google Chrome/Safari/Opera to see an (accurate) live preview.
  • • Our Partner Program: This is something we have been planning for a very long time. Are you a (motion) graphic design artist, and having trouble garnering an audience, or customers for your work? The TGODdesigns Insider Initiative program is designed for you. Submit designs to us and earn direct royalties for your work! We destribute, advertise, and sell each order so you dont have to! It's time graphic artists had a better source of income.
  • • More room for expansion: Finally, some breathing room! The last site was quite limited and cramped. The new site layout spreads our products onto different pages, and has a more organized schematic. Plus, we've added more room for upcoming projects like Thumbnails and Livestream Overlays! Check it out!

So those are some of the more noteworthy releases of our new website! Are you excited to check all of these new bells and whistles out? Go right ahead! Thank you for always supporting and being the main driving force behind TGODdesigns.


I would like to welcome a new member of the TGODdesigns Partner Family! Some of you may have already heard of him, but for those of you who haven't, his name is 'FancyFX' on YouTube. I am very happy to bring some of FancyFX's work to you guys.

As a good friend of mine, I have known Fancy since before he began motion graphics and animation. Within the course of about a year or so, he has really developed into an extremely professional designer, and is well on his way to bigger and better things! Now he is doing work for BlueMonkey and various other well-known Minecraft YouTube Animators, and within another year, who knows what he may be doing! I am glad to have him as a part of TGODdesigns.

Fancy specializes mostly in 3D Animation using the program Cinema4D, so we thought it would be fitting to give the "Intro Design No.5" a long-overdue revamp.... and oh boy did we. I wont spoil anything for you, just go give it a peek :) Afterwards go tweet @FancyFX with a warm welcome to the TGODdesigns Family!

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"He Makes Awesome Intros!" (SSCP Episode 3).


"[...] The Intro Looks Great! [...] Thanks!"


"[...] Ajhrehd! This Looks Sweet Dude! [...]"

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